Your Body has Something to Tell You

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June 27, 2016

Angela Romero

A hallmark of my teaching has been founded on bio-individuality:

“One man’s food is another man’s poison”.

I don’t believe in prescribing menu or food plans for the masses.  I’m not here to tell a 50 year old woman with a corporate job to have two protein shakes a day.  But for someone who is training for a marathon, these increased protein needs and may require this for their nutrition.

Each person reacts differently to distinctive foods, and the way we eat needs to reflect that.  My background has been to research over 100 different dietary theories to understand their fundamental principles.  From this, the dietary approach I discuss with each individual is different, based on their own needs and goals.

This can be looking to unique eating styles like vegan or raw food, to eating a macrobiotic diet, or following the ancient Ayurveda principles.  Our bodies know what we need to eat, but in the modern world of fad diets, quick weight loss solutions and pills to solve the world, it’s easy to miss the signals that our body is trying to communicate.  Our minds try to trick us into telling us what we want (think of Snow White!), but it is our body that knows the truth.

Different months, different seasons and different years all require changes in our diet to adapt.  Eating salads in Antarctica is just not an option if you want to survive!  Have you ever gone on a ‘diet’ that lasted a few days, a week or a month, only to end up feeling lethargic, bloated and gaining more weight than you started with?

The most important lesson is to listen to how your body responds to a range of foods and begin to make changes around this.



Trust your body.

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