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Facilitator | Social Researcher | Key Note Speaker

Angela works as a facilitator across social research and tertiary education. As a research consultant, she works with clients on ad hoc projects across qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Angela is also a Global Facilitator for Harvard Business Publishing and a Sessional Academic at Sydney and Macquarie University. 


Strategic Facilitation for Tertiary Education

SESSIONAL ACADEMIC: With a focus on student engagement, Angela works with students across marketing and management subjects to develop their skills and equip them to be workforce ready.

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: We have come a long way with diversity
and inclusion, but there is lots of room to improve. In this workshop, we work with both women men on creating a thriving workplace which integrates everyone.

Strategic Facilitation for Social Research

QUALITATIVE RESEARCH: speaking directly to the target audience on not only what they are thinking, but why they are thinking that way, in order to persuade, instil or change a behaviour. Methodologies include focus groups, depth interviews, or longitudinal online communities.

QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH: understanding what the public think through online surveys helps to quantify objectives. Utilising data analytics such as segmentation, logistic regression, and relative importance analysis helps to further analyse people’s behaviours and equip communication campaigns with the targeted messages.

INSIGHTS TO ACTION: turning strategic insights into actionable outcomes for practical implementation of the research.


Knowledge shouldn’t be a luxury. It should be utilised and shared to make better decisions.


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