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Facilitator, Social Researcher, Key Note Speaker, Author, Health Advocate

Angela works as a facilitator across social research, education, and corporate wellness. As a research consultant, she works with clients on ad hoc projects across qualitative and quantitative ventures. Angela  is a Global Facilitator for Harvard Business Publishing and a Sessional Academic at Macquarie University. Angela also does workshop design and execution, specialising in corporate leadership and wellness.


Strategic Facilitation for Corporate Wellness

HOUR OF POWER: A one hour breakout workshop to generate enthusiasm and momentum to keep the conference buzzing. A range of topics available to suit your audience.

FITNESS WORKSHOP: Integrate a movement session, or get your delegates sweating, with an outdoor fitness workshop tailored to your clients.

RESILIENCE & MINDFULNESS: A winner integration for ANY type of event, teaching the skills and aptitude for thriving in the workplace.

Strategic Facilitation for Education

THRIVING TEAMS: Building co-operative and synchronised teams takes the right mix of ingredients. Learn how to build cohesion and synchronicity with your teams – big and small.

SUCCESSFUL LEADERSHIP: Being a leader vs. displaying leadership can have very different outcomes. Our intensive training brings out leadership across all levels of the business to create teams which build on individual strengths.

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: We have come a long way with diversity
and inclusion, but there is lots of room to improve. In this workshop, we work with both women men on creating a thriving workplace which integrates everyone

Strategic Facilitation for Social Research

QUALITATIVE RESEARCH: speaking direclty to the target audience on not only what they are thinking, but why they are thinking that way, in order to persuade, instill or change a behaviour. Focus groups, depth interviews, or online communities.

QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH: understanding what the public think through online surveys helps to quantify objectives. Utilising data analytics such as segmentation, logistic regression, and relative importance analysis helps to further analyse people’s behaviours.

INSIGHTS TO ACTION: turning strategic insights into actionable outcomes for practical implementation of the research.


Knowledge shouldn’t be a luxury. It should be utilised and shared to make better decisions.

Women In Research Wellness in the Workplace

A Practical Guide To Meditation
A Practical Guide To Meditation


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