Looking to bring Angela to your workplace?

Programs with Angela are personalised and incorporated to each individual organisation to empower businesses to better understand their staff and produce productive and healthy staff to retain loyal and hardworking employees.

  • Run workshops to engage with and empower employees to feel integrated in the business.
  • Host sessions for women centric ideas and skills to create empowerment.
  • Gain knowledge on how to manage stress and workloads efficiently and timely.
  • Increase employee loyalty and retention through investment in their health.
  • Improve internal employee experience to engage the voice of the employee.
  • Inject a new energy and unique perspective on work life integration and how to balance the new measure of having it all.
  • Gaining tangible advice for how individuals can achieve health and wellness in all areas of their life.


Businesses and individuals interested in employee engagement, productivity, retention and wellness. The programs work with companies and individuals that want to motivate their teams and educate themselves and others. Angela's unique experience in social research, combined with her education in health and wellness, delivers a distinctive edge on employee engagement and retention.


Angela works with both intra-team dynamics and cross-pollination of teams to increase productivity and employee experience. Whether it's one sector of the business, or a cross-section of the organisation, to a company wide integration, Angela's work is tailored to suit the size and depth of any project.

Case Study: Angela works to deliver the annual International Women's Day (IWD) presentations and practical workshops to teams as small as five, up to organisations with multiple sites across the nation.


Change is most effective when management are leading by example. Disrupting corporate culture takes strength and assertive leadership. Angela's programs are tailored to set personal and business goals for champions within the organisation to integrate success change throughout the business. This is designed cross-pollination of ideas across the company.

Case Study: Angela presents on key topics like stress management to both current and future leaders to equip them with the latest and most up-to-date practical skills and expertise.


Employee engagement helps to uncover what your employees are REALLY thinking. Opportunities for both quantitative (surveys) and qualitative (focus groups) are available to understand how to engage and motivate the workforce.

Case Study: Groups of 8 employees came together to discuss the upcoming restructure within the organisation and felt empowered and listened to for when these changes took effect.

Below is a video of Angela at Facebook offices speaking at the Women In Research (WIRe) event on Wellness at Work

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