Knowledge shouldn't be a luxury. It should be utilised and shared to make better decisions.

Angela started her career in research, which has evolved into social research in the fields of health and wellness. From climbing the corporate ladder to looking to disrupt what corporate Australia represents, Angela's work now challenges the status quo and is changing the way businesses measure success.

Angela now undertakes research projects to better understand the drivers and motivations for creating a thriving work environment. She also continues to work as a moderator for Harvard Business Publishing, is an author of short stories that explore human behaviours, and works in the health industry as a personal trainer, nutritionist, and meditation coach.

It is this unique combination of skills and interests that positions Angela to be at the epicentre of emerging trends and developments within the workplace.

Social Researcher, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Health Advocate.

Work with Angela


To create a market where decisions are back by data yet human centricity is not forgotten.
Angela is qualified as a social researcher, mindfulness and meditation coach, nutritionist, and personal trainer, nutrition.
A CPD-accredited nutritional therapist
Personal trainer (Master Trainer)
Health – Wellness Coach
A IAHT and IANLPC certified Mindfulness and Meditation instructor
Angela is also guest researcher and lecturer at Macquarie University, covering topics such as careers paths, international business and speaking on her thesis related to behavioural change with physical activity. Below are two research papers written whilst working at Macquarie University.

Physical activity: Born & Bread. Converting Attitudes to behaviour

Work integrated learning & student satisfaction

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