What Your Gut Is Trying to Tell You

It is becoming more and more common that the root cause of many diseases stems from issues in our digestive track.  Symptoms like bloating, fatigue, stomach gurgling, and foggy head are ailments that many people are living with, unaware that there is a solution to it all. The most common source of […]

Posture cover

Release your Inner Lion(ness)

When you think about posture, what happened?  Did you sit up a bit straighter?  Pull your shoulders back into alignment?  Chances are if you spend most of your day sitting down, your posture has some room for improvement!  We often think our posture only affects the physical being, but it […]


Why Arianna Huffington QUITS Corporate World

Arianna Huffington has been on our radar for a while.  She really made her mark in 2005 co-founding the Huffington Post.  The news medium aggressively rose to become one of America’s most visited websites.  It arguably created a new wave of opinion blogging, online journalism, and a balancing act for […]


How Much Do You Drink?

You know that feeling when you exercise after drinking a lot of water?  Your body almost feels like its insides are sloshing around.  Considering our bodies are made up of 60-75% water, this may not be too far from the truth! When body cells are deprived of water, they begin […]

Sleeping V2

The Change Makers Sleeping Their Way to the Top

You know that feeling that you often have; foggy head, snapping at family or co-workers, a sluggish demeanour?  A typical Monday potentially?  A lack of sleep, or a lack of quality sleep, is often the number one culprit for these and many other chronic health symptoms that we experience beyond Mondayitis. […]